LG Announces New Air Purifying Mask That Runs On Battery

The wide-spread of Covid-19 has slowed down lately; however, newer, tech-based models of face masks are hitting the market now. Mask’s importance all over the world went rising high in the initial stages of the outbreak, and thousands didn’t even get their hands on the most basic ones.

Later on, the situation changed, and various types of face masks were available in markets in abundance, one of the widely used models was KN-95, respectively.

Talking about innovations in face masks, LG, the South Korean tech giant, has recently announced its ‘PuriCare Wearable Air Purifier.’ It is a perfect match between technology and the field of medical and health care. Also, it would be the most tech-enabled face mask ever made. It comes equipped with a pair of multi-speed fans for better and healthy breathing, solving a significant complaint by millions of face masks users for not being able to breathe a sufficient amount of air while using one.

As announced, the mask is designed in a way that it snugs the user’s face tightly, not letting in the air particles or viral-infections while the air leakage around the nose and chin is minimized as much as possible.

The new air purifier mask is rechargeable and doesn’t require additional cells to operate the two H13 HEPA air filters and adjustable speed fans, charge the mask at home, and you’d be good to go for the day. The masks come with a critical argument over if they are re-usable or not, where some think that re-using a face mask may pose higher levels of risk, others say it is no harm to do as such.

Re-usability won’t be of any debate if we talk about LG’s new mask as among various other pro’s, one of the most beneficial ones is its ability to sterilize itself under its UV LED sterilizing case effectively.

It must be a break-through product in prevention from the wide-spread of the virus. Talking about creating convenience and comfort: the new mask is capable of autonomously detecting breathing patterns, and if the user feels difficulty in breathing, it increases the fan’s speed immediately.

LG hasn’t made a discrete statement on ‘if the mask is a hundred percent rescue from Covid-19,’ however, we can expect the new one to provide much more effective and comfortable use. If such a product had been introduced earlier, it sure would have made an enormous effect on decreasing the numbers.

LG’s new mask looks a bit heavy, although we know the Korean tech giant would have taken user comfortability into account while designing the product. We’d find that out better upon its use!

Further details on the product are expected to be announced in the upcoming IFA 2020, which is planned as a Virtual Reality event. After the detailed insight on the event, the air purifier is expected to be available in markets in the last quarter of the current year.  

We’d be anxious to share any further details on PuriCure Face Mask, once we get a hold on it. The insight that we have now on this tech-based face mask has assured us of the world is on the road to be a safe place for the way it used to be.

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