New Mexican Teachers Get Caught While Cheating In Exam Using Genius Nail Patterns


This happened in the Mexican state of Michoacan, where thirty-five young ladies who wanted to opt teaching as a profession went against its basic norms. Teachers build the society towards good by teaching the young one’s primary discipline, guess what, these women lacked it themselves and got caught while tricking the invigilators in a very creative and smart way.

The girls had leaked the examination paper for getting into the teaching school, imagine the amount of deceiving going on here! Hence, the girls had the accurate answers painted on their nails in a pattern similar to that of multiple-choice questions.

In the following of this event, authorities traced out that the papers were sold out to these so-called ‘Future Teachers’ somewhere under twenty-five thousand pesos only. This raised a considerable amount of suspicion on the overall process of getting inducted in the Mexican teaching schools. The incidence laid out an example of how easy it is to deceive the examination systems by surpassing it with the help of a few culprits.

The incidence is not officially proven up till now; however, the test results speak for themselves that something went fishy down the admission process. A significant amount of students got all the correct answers in the municipality where the cheating event took place. However, in all other municipalities combined, the highest score was 71, making the deceiving incident a bit more obvious.

Authorities to be sure that the cheating took place at large, retook the exam, and caught these 35 women who were involved in the previous event, only this time around, the authorities and invigilation staff were vigilant enough to see them red-handed at once.

Some Smart Deceiving

The nails featured the same dot motif, whereas they all were painted in different colors. For each nail, there were 10 colored dots in different colors, which were precisely in correspondence with all 100 responses in the exam booklet.

The most surprising thing about all of this incident was that the applicants who cheated earlier were allowed to take their exam once again, this time with a little pre-planning to tackle them was in place. They were asked either to wear opaque gloves to conceal their hands or to at least use stick tape to cover their painted nails. Alongside this, they were separated from the group entirely, making the examination fair this time.

According to the coordinator of the examination, Gabriela Santillan, all of the 35 women, had a similar color and dot pattern. Furthermore, each nail had 10 dots of the same color. The most important to know is that the questions on the sheet were to be answered by filling in the options marked with circles on sheets that were optical, the key was the dot pattern as it told them in what order to answer the given questions.


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