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The Thrusters Is A New Gadget That Makes Your Sports More Exciting


There are some sports which are about tactics and strategy and then there are sports which are essentially adrenaline inducing sports; skating, skiing, paragliding and what not. All these are adventurous sports that are related to speed and getting an adrenaline rush. A new gadget has been unveiled that is going to take the level of these sports up a notch or two quite easily. This gadget is known as ‘The Thrusters’ and has been introduced by Dreamscience. The gadget basically consists of four tiny jet engines that are strapped onto the user and can be turned when you want an extra boost in your speed.

The Thrusters is powered by an on-board battery pack and so far, tests that have been carried out are quite a success. It has been tested with paragliders, skaters, skiers and snowboarders. Jamie Barrow, snowboarder, managed to achieve a top speed of 50 Mph on a test drive at frozen lake near St. Moritz, Switzerland. This top speed was achieved with only The Thrusters being the source for the power; add some gravity to the mix and the results can be even better

The gadget is still under development with latest models due soon with about 132 lbs of top thrust and 88 lbs thrust that can be maintained for 15 minutes. However, we don’t think anyone would be firing these beasts up on full throttle all the time. Rather, this might be used for short bursts or to slowint down when you are coming down a slope.

This integration can lead to some major breakthroughs in a number of sports and if the idea catches on, we might be seeing such sports where engine assistance will be employed. Check out the youtube video below for more details:

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