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Planetarium Watch Costs 245,000 USD And Mimics The Solar System To Tell You The Time

Poétique Midnight Planétarium 2

We have been talking about smartphones, smart watches and what not. Quite recently we talked about a conceptual design for iwatch, but get this; this time we are talking about a watch which can be considered a planetarium for your wrist.
 So, basically for all the cool dudes out there with smart watches, this is the thing you can use to give them a shut up call. The innovation is being called Poétique Midnight Planétarium and will allow the user to tell time by employing the use of a microcosm of the solar system which they will have on their wrist.

This detailed and complex watch will include Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn. Why just these, because these are the planets that are visible to naked eye. Instead of the conventional hands of clocks, the user will be looking at a real time solar system where planets will be rotating according to the rules of solar system. That means that Mercury will complete one revolution in 88 days, accordingly Venus will take 224 days, Earth will require 365 days. Saturn won’t be back in the same position until 29.5 years. Time is indicated by a shooting star which is located at the outer edge of the watch.

The watch has been inspired by Planetariums and is the brainchild of a Dutch watchmaker, Christiaan van der Klaauw, who has made this for Van Cleef & Arpel’s. Now to move to the materials used which account for the superfluous price tag. Discs have been made out of polished aventurine while the planets have been carved out of precious stones; Mercury – Serpentine, Saturn – Sugilite, Venus – Chloromelanite, Earth – Turqoise, Mars – Red Jasper and Jupiter – Blue Agate.

The user will be able to set a particular day by using the rotatable rose gold outer rim, by which the Earth shall move under the shooting star which has been imprinted in the sapphire crystal. With all the gemstones and 396 working parts, the watch comes with a price tag of $245,000. There’s another diamond decorated version of  the watch which will cost $330,000.

This expensive watch is available on request and if you have enough money to buy one, we suggest that you make a move quickly since only 396 units have been made of this spectacular watch.
Check out the video of this watch in action below:

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