Watches With Cool Features That Will Leave You In Amazement

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Times and styles continue to change, but a wrist watch remains as an accessory full of elegance. Often regarded as fashion statements, some designer watches cost even more than a Ferrari.

You may have seen lots of drool worthy watches, but here, we present some unique ones with truly mesmerizing features.

Casio ABC Tough Solar Watch

The ABC in this watch is for Altimeter, Barometer, and Compass. As indicated in its name, it gets its power from the sun. The Pathfinder and Pro Trek models have incredible features from Alarm Clocks to Stopwatches, temperature indicator, direction display, weather warning, sunrise and sunset time, even a Barometric trend graph. Thus, more than half of the things you would need for camping are embedded in the display. Moreover, it won’t betray you in no signal zones, like your smartphone does.

Source: RigCast

Sinn UX, the scuba driver’s watch

The watch is filled with silicone oil, removing all air from the inside. It has a Sapphire crystal on the front, and it comes with a warranty of about three years. This watch is certified waterproof up to 700 feet below the sea level.

Source: TZ-UK forum

Christiaan van der Klaauw Planetarium Watch

This watch contains the world’s smallest mechanical Planetarium, showing the real-time orbits of Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn around the Sun. While it may not be a useful feature, it is still quite intricate. You can not deny that if you had $330,000 just lying around, it would be very hard to resist buying this watch. Who wouldn’t like a sparkly timepiece on the wrist anyway?

Source: My Modern Met

We have selected these watches for their unique features and style. Of course, your list of best watches may be entirely different from ours.

We would like to know about your favorite watches. Comment below to let us know!


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  1. Sanjay Reply

    Does the planetarium watch show the time?? I don’t want to spend 330000 on a watch which does not show time…even a $5 watch shows time…what a waste of money!!!

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