Paramedic Flies To The Top Of A Mountain On A Jetpack For An Emergency Rescue – In Just 3 Minutes

Gravity Industries, an aerospace company based in the UK, has developed an incredible jet suit that allows human beings to fly to places where helicopters or ground-based vehicles can’t reach due to certain limitations. It is primarily developed for the provision of rescue services because at times, the weather conditions are not good enough for the helicopters to operate. Hence, these jetpack suits powered by 1000 horsepower would easily make it to the top of mountains for anyone in their hour of need.

Locations like Helvellyn, which is also known as the third highest peak in the UK’s Lake District, are in the greatest need of such medical aids as people from all over the world come here for hiking, trekking, and other recreational activities. This wonderful suite consists of thrusters and two small jet engines. The thrusters will be put on the pilot’s back and the jet engines will have their place on the arms of the paramedic staff. However, the engines are designed to work on jet fuel, biofuel, bio-diesel, etc.

With the development of these suits, it would now take only 3 minutes and 30 seconds rather than 1 hour and 20 minutes to reach any type of emergency. The statistics are as per the experiments performed, and now the patients don’t have to wait for hours to receive first aid treatment. In fact, the staff will be available there in less than 5 minutes with the help of these miraculous suits.

Richard Browning, who is the founder and chief test pilot of Gravity Industries, said, “If you’re a cardiac patient or somebody that really needs critical care, 1 hour and 20 minutes is often too long for really important cases.” We can get a trained professional very quickly to the side of a casualty in very difficult weather or very difficult physical terrain in a way that often [rescuers] on foot, or in a vehicle, or in a helicopter, can’t do.”

He further added that “Back in 2016, I hatched this unusual vision of ‘Could you reimagine how human beings could fly?” Thus, this masterpiece has a lot of practical applications. Some people think that they can also go to work in this suit to avoid traffic. Yes, that’s possible, but it would look crazy. Similarly, efforts are underway to convert it into an electric jet suit, which has almost been achieved. But due to the size of the battery, which is twice the weight of the original one, the electric version can’t be launched until the size of the battery becomes small enough.

To that end, about 500 paramedic staff have undergone training, and they are all set to work for the daily missions.

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