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Sony Unveils A Stylish New E-Ink Based Smartwatch

It has been a few days since reports emerged talking about Sony’s involvement in manufacturing and designing of a smartwatch that was supposedly covered in e-ink material. The gadget’s images have now popped us as well. The watch is known as Fashion-Entertainments (FES) watch and is currently busy raising funds on Makuake.

Sony has confirmed that it was involved with the startup while the startup also admitted that the tech giant’s name was kept a big secret to evaluate if there was an actual demand for the gadget. The FES watch comes with 24 unique design patterns that can be opted for by a single touch of button and is capable of working for 60 days on a single button battery.

The company has raised more than its goal of $17,000 within 3 weeks of launching the fundraising campaign and it has 140 supporters, at present. The watch has an elegant look while it supports 24 different designs and has a weight of 50.6 grams. The dial has a diameter of 1.5 inches and the casing is about 0.2 inches thick. FES watch will be shipped in May of 2015.

This concept will be the first gadget that has been developed by Sony since Kazuo Hirai took over the Sony Product Strategy Division. The division’s job is to create innovative and breakthrough gadgets. The division is also said to be working on technology that would allow for creating a prototype faster.

E-ink displays consume less power and do not create a lot of glare, thus making it possible to read them even in the presence of bright sunlight. This property gives certain advantages to FES watch when compared with other smartwatches. Check out the video below for more details:

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