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The World’s Very First Mobile Phone Was Actually Shown Off In A Video From 1922

The World’s Very First Mobile Phone Shown Off In A Video From 1922 2

British Pathé, a major producer of newsreels was able to uncover some really amazing footage from 1922. Yes, the footage is quite old and that’s exactly why it’s so remarkable. Why? Because it shows two women experimenting with the very first mobile phone.

As per the spokesperson of the archive, it is quite amazing and striking and that about 90 years ago, the mobile technology and music were actually being thought of, experimented and being trialed as well.

The spokesperson further adds that the phone featured in the video even has a lid, thus making it the first flip-phone that we are aware of. Although it won’t be winning any design awards, that’s for sure. He further adds, “We would be delighted to hear from anyone who can tell us anything about the film, from where it is shot to who the women might be or even about the phone itself.”

Check out the vintage video below and let us know what you think of it.

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