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Forget Apple And Samsung, PhoneBloks Is The Future!


We are seeing a revolution in apps and games, thanks to new development tools that have made it possible for people with basic programming skills to get into app development. As a result, smartphones get obsolete within a span of 2-3 years as they are unable to support the heavier processing requirements of newer apps. This results in people discarding their fully functional phones which causes a lot of electronic waste.

To counter this problem, Dutch Designer, Dave Hakkens has come up with an innovative new smartphone concept which he calls PhoneBloks. The phone consists of detachable blocks that are plugged in together on a common base just like you make something from Lego.According to Hakkens, this ‘LEGO-like’ phone will allow users to customize and assemble a phone to cater for their individual needs, as well as reduce wastage from discarding old phones. Each of the components of the smartphone, i.e Battery, Camera, Processor, Memory, Bluetooth, WIFI etc are all made into separate removable blocks. Hence, to make any configuration for your smartphone, you can buy the blocks of your choice and build your customized smartphone.

However, the biggest advantage of such a design is that the smartphone can always be upgraded over the years by buying heavier processors and memory blocks and replacing them on your phone. This would prevent the phone from getting out-dated or obsolete and reduce the overall electronic waste from the world.


PhoneBloks concept also makes it easy for you to repair your smartphone if any of its component malfunctions or if there is some sort of breakage. Hakkens also gave the concept of a “Block Store”, a hardware store where users will be able to purchase upgrades and spare blocks of their choice and keep their phones running. This is currently not possible in case of traditional smartphone designs where you might have to trash your phone if a critical components, such as the screen, breaks. Hence, the advantages and the possibilities with this new design are endless.



The phone is still a concept though and the designer is looking for support through crowd-speaking. He is hopeful that if a lot of people show their interest in such a concept, companies will get interested to work on something like this and this phone might become a reality in near future.  So head up to their website and show your support!
Check out more pictures and video of this interesting concept below and tell us your views in the comments section.


Here is the video of PhoneBloks

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