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This Spiraling Faucet Makes Nice Patterns While Saving Water

Faucet design

We waste a lot of water in the shower due to the high pressure of the water stream and the poor distribution of water. This swirl faucet will not only save 15% water coming out from the nozzle, but it also gives the water jet several cool patterns. It appears attractive to the eye, but you might end up spending more time in the shower than usual!

The student from Royal London College of Arts came up with the idea of this innovative faucet from nature itself. He saw that nature has always made patterned flow instead of uniform flow whenever there is a need of steady transfer of matter. Whether it is sand twirling in the deserts or beautiful water flowing through an opening. He concluded that the reason behind nature’s such working was more than the beauty of things. It helped balance the flow and maintain control. His shower companion is also based on this model.

The faucet won the iFDesign award this year due to pure innovative approach to saving water. It also brings a cap on energy wastage by controlling the temperature of the water present inside. Who wouldn’t be interested in a cool shower that sends down patterns like these? Due to its excellent utility and appearance, it will definitely have customers from around the world. Just look at the detailed design inside:

Here are the three water designs from the faucet:

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