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Maintain your Beard With Laser Precision – New Philips Beard Trimmer 9000

Philips 9000 laser beard trimmer

For all those who tend to follow fashion and wish to remain up to date with the latest trends this will not be news but if you haven’t heard yet; beard is back in style. But not just any beard, nowadays your beard needs to be trimmed and well kept. A messy beard is a big no and frankly speaking it’s a turn off. In a recent study it was also found that females find ten days stubble the most attractive and only mustache to be creepy. Beard gives you that manly look; look at Ben Affleck in Argo! Yes, that is quite the example. On the other hand we have Robert Downey Jr. who has nailed the variation of Balbo beard in Iron Man series.
Now that was a long background for this particular article but we just couldn’t help ourselves, keeping a beard and knowing how to maintain it is an important matter and must be taken seriously.
It would seem, rightly so that Phillips agrees with us on this stance. They are well aware that maintaining a beard/facial hair for any man is of vital importance. Hence, they have come up with this latest Norelco Beard Trimmer 9000. This one is the first of its kind trimmer which comes with a built in laser guide that results in precise grooming.

We all, by that we mean men, know that shaving with a conventional razor and keeping your facial hair intact is a skillful art. One mistake and you’ll have to say bye to your facial hair and will need to shave them off. Symmetrical results using these standard razors take years of practice and patience. This gadget from Phillips lets you groom your facial hair without guess work. Apart from the laser guide, this trimmer comes with an LED display which will tell you which length setting you are using and the battery level. The trimmer is dual sided and is water resistant as well making it easily cleanable. It takes one hour to charge and can run for one hour on a full charge. However one can also use it on direct power.

You can get one on discounted price here (subject to availability).

Thank you Phillips!