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Here Are 20 Cool Home Gadgets That Are Simply Genius

Many times you look at something that you hadn’t imagined before, but soon they become necessities in your life because of raw utility they bring with them. But, when our readers look at these special sockets, glasses, and other innovations, they voice their willingness to buy them by saying “shut up and take my money.” But, we cannot provide the links because the product isn’t normally available on retail as of yet. But, this time around, we are going to present you with innovative products and the links from which you can order them.

 Today we have shortlisted some of the best items on display, and we are going to present them here:

1. Silicone Drinking glasses

These are really useful drinking glasses that won’t crack or shatter if they get accidentally dropped or put on a heavy weight. They are particularly handy outdoors and unlike styrofoam cups, they can be reused with ease and they aren’t too delicate.
Available Here

2. Universal charger

This charger can power almost any laptop used in the world due to the customizability of its ports.
Available Here

3. License Plate Hider

License plates are good for keeping up with the law, but if sometimes you cross a red light, you can always block the only identification technique available at the traffic police’s disposal! Now we don’t really endorse this but this is how it works.
Available Here

4. A bowl that remains cool always

This bowl can be touched and held even if it comes directly from the oven.
Available Here

5. Rad Bike Spokes

These spokes can help you create an awesomely lit animation while you are biking around at night.
Available Here

6. Cookie Dunker

Finally! I have found Breakfast Nirvana as cookie holder won’t allow your favorite gourmet to break off from the rest once you have dipped it in tea or milk. This is the best one!
Available Here

7. Magnetic finger glove

Now you won’t loose screws or any other equipment around the corners.
Available Here

8. Phone Glove Polish

Hate to take your gloves for texting? This glove polish will make texting much easier for you!
Available Here

9. Phone case with a lighter and opener

This is the ultimate party phone cover as it can open beverage bottles and light your cigarettes on the go! A must have for party maniacs.
Available Here

10. Laundry bag cum sparring bag

With the help of this unique laundry bag, you can do laundry and practice your boxing skills at the same time. The harder you punch, the cleaner your clothes will be so that it will provide necessary motivation.

11. Jeep Hammock

Now you can relax at the canopy of your jeep instead of trying to fit inside the limited room of the vehicle and uncomfortable seats.
Available Here

12. Magnetic Stickers.

Now you can place any metallic object on your walls with ease instead of having to rummage through the drawers every time.
Available Here

13. Key Multi-tool

Engineers will love this multi-purpose tool
Available Here

14. Suction-based charger for smartphone

This charger will stick to your phone and provide charging from there. Now you won’t have to worry about the dangling cords anymore.
Available Here

15. Smiling Dog Muzzle

If you are the need of muzzling your pooch but don’t want to make it ugly. This is a good innovation. He looks good in it.
Available Here

16. Air Hockey at home

Tired of having just foosball and table tennis at home? Now you can play air hockey too. Now you can play it at any flat, smooth surface!

17. Reheatza

Reheat your pizza in this pottery and it will become oven-fresh.

18. Floating lamps

Want to have a party by the pool and swim around too? These floating lanterns will illuminate your pool perfectly.
Available Here

19. Umbrella Stands that tell you the weather.

This umbrella stand will tell you whether you need to take an umbrella out or not. Many people don’t have the time to check out the weather at a time, and this stand will tell you just by looking at it.

20. Self-propelling Skateboards

Stick this device underneath your skateboard and TA DA! you have a self-propelling board!

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