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This Portable Speaker Can Charge iPhone 6 Fifteen Times and Even Jumpstart Your Car

So what do you do when the market is overflowing with competition, and you want to stand out in the crowd, but you don’t have anything special? You pack it with everything and make it a universal usage device. Mr. Everything as the name suggests is a universal speaker packing as much functionality and usefulness in a box as possible. It connects via Bluetooth to your smartphone.

The speaker is water-resistant and comes with an emergency lighting system for power breakdowns. It can also be used as a charging device for your smartphones and laptops. Everything has enough power to charge your MacBook twice and iPhone 6 fifteen times. So, this offers a lot of portability to our smart phones by allowing weeks of battery time while we move. In between these long trips, if our car breaks down and we have to jumpstart it, Mr. Everything comes in handy again as it can do so with ease.

The charging pads of the speaker are wireless and thus very handy. You just have to place your smartphone on top of the charging area, and it begins charging. No more fumbling around with cables, convertors and adapters anymore! There is also a useful storage assortment wtihin the speaker. No, we aren’t talking about SD card slots, an actual physical storage can contain essential items like your chocolate bars and even some first aid equipment. So, in many ways including appearance, the device looks more like an electronic lunchbox more than a speaker!

It has a 6,700 mAh battery with 14.8 volt that is more than capable of doing all this backup storage act. It can also be used as an emergency backup power in case of an emergency like an earthquake or cyclone. There is a lid on top of the storage compartment that also has the wireless charging terminal perched on top. There are also four USB ports allowing 5V of charging for each device connected to it allowing multiple charging options. There is also a slot for placing your tablet/smartphone for hands-free usage on the top.

However, there are many question marks regarding the performance of the speakers used. The only words describing these speakers are “high-quality Bluetooth connected” which aren’t enough for us. More information in this regard would be appreciated. There is also an NFC connectivity mode to connect with non-Bluetooth devices. There are also two LED lights that come with the speaker. There is a bright one that can be used as a flashlight and the other one can be used for mood based lighting.

There are two models currently being developed. Mr. Everything and Mr. Everything+, each of them have mostly the same dimension with 10.6×7.1×5.1 inches dimension that is quite bulky for a speaker. But, considering the gold that comes with Mr. Everything, it is a great system with excellent portability features for smartphones and tablets. The project is currently undergoing funding at Kickstarter with early bird pledges of around 199$ will be enough for the standard model and 299$ for the plus version. The campaign will run till June 15, and it is set for delivery across the globe!

Check out this great pitch from the Mr. Everything team: