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MultiTouch Tables Make Drafting Super Easy

As if the smartphones and tablets were not enough for this tech world, we are moving onto even bigger touch screens. Last year in September, MultiTouch from Finland displayed a MultiTaction display. Why was it so unique? Because it was an Ultra High Definition 84-inch display. The demonstration was carried out during MultiTouch’s annual developer conference. Although pre-ordering for the gadget started only a few weeks after the display, the gadget still has to go in production phase that has been planned for later part of this year. However, Ideum from New Mexico has released news for the 4K version of its 55, 65 and 100 inch multi-touch interactive walls and tables which will begin shipping at the end of this month.

Ideum’s models which will be able to benefit from the four fold resolution upgrade include; Ideum’s 55-inch Platform and Pro models, 55 and 65 inch Presenter touch walls, the 55 and 65 inch versions of Drafting models that have been released recently along with the 100 inch Pano. Jim Spadaccini from Ideum said; ‘We are already filling our first order for an 8K, 100-inch table.’

The last month introduction from Ideum is the new Platform Drafting Table. The device is a pure example of magnificence. The display has been kept at an angle of 30 degrees to take up architectural, design and construction drawings activities. The display’s skirting is made up of aluminum which is of the same quality as the one used for aircrafts. It comes with a fully integrated core i7 PC, a high end 3840×2160 resolution with two models available in 55 and 65 inch sizes. The models are capable of catering up to 40 simultaneous touch points and enjoys a 7ms touch response time and is capable of Wireless networking, Bluetooth, USB and HDMI connectivity. One may very well call this device the tech beast!

While some of the models will ship later during this month, the rest are due in February. All the models will be accompanied by Windows 7 or 8, a lifetime license for the company’s GestureWorks SDK authoring package and GestureWorks Gameplay.

This is the thing for future folks, fingers crossed for how it performs out in the market.

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