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Nissan Unveils Self-Driving Office Chairs That Can Park By Themselves

Nissan Self Parking Chairs

Say hello to Nissan’s ‘Intelligent Parking Chair’ concept. What is it about? Well, as the name suggests; it is a self-driven office chair that is capable of driving around the office and tucking itself under a desk when it’s not in use.

The amazing and smart chair makes use of cameras along with 360-degree swivel base and some basic know-how of self-driving cars for moving around with ease. It will wait for a clap before it rushes to find a table under which it can park. You are required to install four unique sensor cameras for the chair to be able to navigate around though.

You can see some potential uses of Nissan’s smart chair in the video where a guy claps to make every chair in a conference room put itself away. Although Nissan hasn’t expressed any plans to pursue this novelty any further, one can always hope that it might bring this technology to life.