Nissan Says An Electric GTR Could Be Coming Soon

Nissan has hinted at the possibility of an electric version of the iconic GT-R, with the Hyper Force EV concept providing a glimpse into what the future electric GT-R could entail. Unveiled at the Japan Mobility Show in October, the Hyper Force EV concept is a high-performance electric supercar designed for racing enthusiasts.

At the heart of this futuristic vehicle is an all-solid-state battery, allowing the Hyper Force to boast an impressive power output of up to 1,341 horsepower (1,000 kW). The electric vehicle also incorporates an advanced version of Nissan’s e-4ORCE, a 4WD technology already featured in the Ariya electric SUV.

With a design reminiscent of a shrunken Tesla Cybertruck merged with Nissan’s legendary Skyline lineage, the Hyper Force presents wide proportions, a low profile, and aerodynamic features crafted in collaboration with Nissan’s NISMO racing team.

The exterior is engineered for optimal aerodynamic performance, featuring a two-tier structure under the hood for downforce and cooling, a rear diffuser for directing airflow, active front canards, front fender flips, rear wing ends, and a plasma actuator to enhance grip. Despite not explicitly branding it as the electric GT-R, the concept includes a blurred “GT-R” logo on the front, fueling speculation about its connection to the iconic model.

The Hyper Force concept offers two driving modes: “R” for racing and “GT” for grand touring, each adjusting the interior lighting and display accordingly. The racing mode is characterized by red accent lighting, focused cockpit-like displays, and performance-oriented features.

Conversely, the grand touring mode provides a more relaxed ambiance with blue accent lighting, a simplified infotainment interface, and a steering wheel that moves away from the driver.

Nissan’s program design director, Giovanny Arroba, suggested the possibility of an electric GT-R by the end of the decade. While he didn’t confirm it explicitly, the blurred “GT-R” logo and the positive response to the concept within the company indicate the potential for such a development. Arroba emphasized that the concept serves as a “manifesto” internally, inspiring the company with a tangible dream.

Despite some skepticism about an electric GT-R, Nissan aims to launch an electric vehicle with all-solid-state batteries by 2028, potentially laying the groundwork for a high-performance electric GT-R. However, it’s anticipated that the production model, if realized, might feature a more subdued design compared to the concept.

As the electric vehicle landscape evolves, the possibility of an electric GT-R has sparked interest, inviting enthusiasts to share their thoughts on the potential features and design elements they would like to see in such a vehicle.

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