This Tree In Pakistan Has Been Under Arrest For Over A Century

The Chained Tree of Peshawar, Pakistan, has a peculiar history dating back to 1899 when a British officer named James Squid decided to arrest it. Squid, intoxicated at the time, believed the tree was attempting to move away from him. In a bizarre turn of events, he ordered the tree to be chained to the ground, and it has remained restrained for over 125 years.

A plaque at the site humorously declares, “I AM UNDER ARREST,” narrating the peculiar incident where a drunken officer, thinking the tree was evading him, instructed its arrest.

“I AM UNDER ARREST,” the plaque reads. “One evening a British officer, heavily drunk, thought that I was moving from my original location and ordered the Mess Sergeant to arrest me. Since then I am under arrest.”

Situated near the Torkhan border in Landi Kotal, the Chained Tree has become a tourist attraction, drawing amusement from visitors. However, for the local population, it symbolizes the oppression of British rule. The act of chaining the tree was seen as a message to the tribesmen, suggesting that opposing the British Raj would result in similar punitive actions.

“Through this act, the British basically implied to the tribesmen that if they dared act against the Raj, they too would be punished in a similar fashion,” one local man commented.

Despite its controversial origins, the Chained Tree of Peshawar serves as a significant landmark, attracting tourism to the region. While tourists find humor in the story, locals view it as a reminder of the historical subjugation faced under British colonial rule. The tree, now an enduring symbol, continues to capture the attention of those intrigued by its unusual past and stands as a testament to the complex history of the region.

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