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This Bracelet Will Zap You Every Time You Succumb To Bad Habits

Pavlok Bracelet Will Zap You Every Time You Succumb To Bad Habits

Do you struggle with bad habits that you just can’t seem to give up? Whether it is smoking, eating too much junk food, or not committing to your health goals; Pavlok bracelet is here to help you get rid of these self-sabotaging behaviours!

This unique and amazing gadget is now available for purchase on Amazon. The Pavlok bracelet has been designed to help you cut your bad habits by giving you a sharp shock every time that you do any of those habits. The bracelet is capable of providing the user with a 350-volt electric shock.

So, how does it help? The Pavlok bracelet works by incorporating an unpleasant element into your daily routine whenever you do something that you are not supposed to be doing. The unpleasant element being a safe and otherwise harmless ‘zap’ of electricity delivered to your wrist and the bad habit could be anything from biting your nails, smoking, or even drinking.

By doing so, the Pavlok bracelet will condition your mind to associate the unpleasant feeling with the act that you are doing and soon enough you will drop the bad habit, thus making yourself a better person. The only catch is that you will have to press the button to administer a shock or you can give the control to your friend or spouse when you are with them via a smartphone app.

The Pavlok bracelet is available on Amazon for a price of $199.99. You can watch the video below where the creator of the bracelet talks about how it can help users. We believe it can help you steer in the right direction but only for as long as you commit whole-heartedly to it. What do we mean? Well, it is very easy to take off the bracelet while you smoke or drink. It is also easy to not administer the shock when you are, in fact, performing a bad habit. Nonetheless, the device is amazing!

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