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Mark Zuckerberg Designed Sleep Box Is An Instant Hit On Kickstarter

Sleep Box Has Been Made Into A Proper Gadget - Zucklight

What happens when Mark Zuckerberg gives an idea for a business? Entrepreneurs get busy to develop that idea into a product. That is precisely what happened with the Sleep Box now known as Zucklight. Back in April, the CEO of Facebook shared a gadget he had made for his wife; Priscilla Chan.

He called the device a sleep box. It was a wooden box that would sit on the bedside table and give a soft light between six and seven during the morning. It was the time to go get their kids, and this gadget helped Chan not to wake up again and again and check the time on her phone. Mark said that a few of his friends were interested in the device. So, he posted it on Facebook saying, ‘in case another entrepreneur wants to run with this and build sleep boxes for more people.’

Greg Hovannisyan decided to do exactly that. He, along with a team of engineers and builders, came up with a prototype for Mark’s Sleep Box and started a Kickstarter campaign to fund the gadget in June. He started the campaign on June 13 and with still 27 days left; it has already raised $108,000; 21 times the goal of raising $5,000. In fact, within two hours of launching on Kickstarter; the project has been completely funded.

Greg even hosted an online QA session about Zucklight on Product Hunt on July 3. Zucklight was the number one product of the day – a ranking that is determined by the votes of the community. Greg Hovannisyan and the founding team members are Armenian. Zucklight is undergoing development in Armenia, but the company has its headquarters in New Jersey. The early bird pricing for the basic model of Zucklight is $29. The early bird pricing for Zucklight Plus is $39 whereas the Zucklight Pro’s early bid starts at $47.

It will be available in light oak, mahogany, or white aspen. Customers will be able to select the color and the brightness of the light by using an app. The color of the light can be programmed to adjust as time passes by, thus showing how much time has passed. It could start as green at 6 am, for example, and gradually shift to red as the clock moves towards 7 am. Greg has said, ‘Mark [Zuckerberg] is not affiliated with Zucklight in any way. We loved his idea, developed it even more and brought it to life.’