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Japanese Company Unveils A Fan For Cooling Armpits

Global temperatures are rising steadily, and the world is witnessing the hottest temperatures ever recorded. With the heat index climbing, keeping your armpits dry is a challenging task. The Japanese have found an innovative, high-tech solution to the problem of sweating armpits: a clip-on armpit fan!


Image Source: Japan Trend Shop/Thanko


Waki no Shita Kura (literally translated as Under the Armpit Cooling Gadget) was developed by Thanko, to aerate the armpits. The small fan is driven by three AAA batteries and clips to the shirt sleeves. The blast of cooling air from the armpit fan will keep your arms dry and fresh up to nine hours.


Image Source: Japan Trend Shop/Thanko


The fan operates at three speeds and can run for a longer stretch by connecting to a battery pack via the USB cable. The armpit fans are quite light and weigh around 30 grammes. The gadget is silent enough to avoid unwanted attention to the buzzing armpits.


Image Source: Japan Trend Shop/Thanko


The under armpit fan can also be clipped onto your shirt front to keep your torso and chest dry. The gadget is available at the Japan Trend Shop for $24, but you would probably need a pair, one for each armpit.



We still believe that the deodorant is a much cheaper and safer option!