This Japanese Robotic Dog Will Faint If Your Feet Stink

Even if you know nothing about Japan, you must have heard that the weirdest of inventions often come from that country. You may think of an armpit fan as bizarre, but the thing exists. According to some people, Japanese are very particular about their hygiene, to a level of being clean freaks. Some went as far as inventing devices to detect if you stink. Honestly, you can not sniff yourself to check if you stink, or can you? Either way, you do not need to because your new robotic pet dog can do it for you.

Image: Asahi Shimbun/ YouTube

An adorable little robot dog called “Hana-chan” from a Japanese company sniffs with a powerful sensor to check how bad your feet stink. The little one will wag its tail in happiness if your feet do not smell. However, if the odor is moderately bad, it will begin to bark. If the stench is out of bounds, the robot will fall over and pretend to faint, because well, anyone could faint with that hideous smell.

Image: Asahi Shimbun/ YouTube

The Japanese always take off their shoes when they enter anyone’s house. Imagine walking barefooted into your host’s house with stink filling up the air. You will not only be embarrassed but may even get charges of harassment against you for subjecting others to foul bodily odors. The super duper tech industry of Japan has now popped another solution for your stinky feet with an adorable little robot.

The National Institute of Technology Kitakyushu College in Kyushu has been working on the stink detection robot for about two years. The company known as Next Technology is prepared to launch the commercial version of Hana-Chan quite soon. The dog measures only 15 centimeters and its special sensor sniffs only for a few seconds to identify any odor. It can even spray your feet with air freshener to get rid of the smell.

First, the idea for Hana-Chan came from a guy whose daughter told him that his feet were smelly and then came the robot. Humans telling you that you stink does not feel too well, does it? If you save yourself from fainting after hearing the price tag on the cute little robot, you can buy it for ¥100,000 ($9,280) to faint for you. Isn’t that a brilliant idea?

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