Watch This Incredible Robot Conduct An Entire Orchestra All By Itself

You cannot go by a month without a person, a newspaper article, or the TV news that pops an idea in your head that these robots will take over our lives soon. During industrialization, it appeared as a fear to the working class as the work of most of them was going to be useless because of some automated machines. The future holds a life where the robots will be capable of doing pretty much everything for us. Obviously, it means that we humans will be losing our jobs.

If you are into one of those creative fields like art, painting, writing, poetry, and the sorts, you may be satisfied that a robot can not take it away from you. Unfortunately, artificial intelligence and deep learning are not leaving out that option either. A robot named YuMi just conducted the Lucca Philharmonic Orchestra at the Verdi Theatre in Pisa, Italy all by itself as a part of the First International Festival of Robotics.

Image: ABB

The robot first rehearsed the recital while memorizing the hand movements and gestures by Andrea Colombini, the resident conductor. Designed by the Swiss firm ABB, YuMi conducted three out of the 18 pieces that were performed.

Interesting? Bizarre? We’d say, very innovative. You must have a look!

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