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This Awesome Thermosensitive Sweater Changes Color As It Gets Cold

You must be sure about one thing now that the fashion will never be free of technology. Whether it is eyelashes that flash lightsclothes that clean themselves using sunlight, or clothes that change color with your mood. It may take years for absurdities like these to become a common place, but Stone Island has brought another one to the arena; a sweater that changes color with temperature.

Image: Stone Island

This techy sweater called Ice Knit is knitted with a layer of thermosensitive yarn on the outside and pure wool on the inside. You won’t get cold, but your sweater will. It will even tell you that it is cold outside!

Image: Stone Island

You won’t be stuck with just a single color because the available ones go from yellow to orange, emerald to military green, and ivory to anthracite. You can buy one for yourself or a friend using the Stone Island mobile app, available between September 11 and September 13th. The most prominent color change among these will be the one that transitions between yellow and orange.

A wearable heat map! How cool is that?