Wonderful Engineering

Here Are 12 Simple Design Improvements That Will Inspire You To Look At Things Differently

I just love little alterations that make simple things much more useful while occupying the same amount of space. Although they seem obvious when they are put into place, it is the sheer ingenuity of people who spotted an improvement in things that have been in use for decades or even centuries. Some of you guys who follow shark tank and all the little innovations people come up with that spins millions of dollars and recognition for them.

Although these designs didn’t feature at the Shark Tank level, they are really good in their own way and without any patent infringement, you can try these simple tricks in your home as well to get the maximum possible from your space.

1. This electricity terminal with light pointing downwards makes it easy to spot in the dark while not glaring right into your eyes. It is definitely useful for the children who are still afraid of sleeping in the dark.

2. These Stairs in Vancouver, Canada come complete with a ramp for wheelchairs and kid strollers. The slop is easy to manage as well.

3. This stroller cum wheelchair design is what was needed all along. Why didn’t anyone think of that?

4. Reloading toilet paper has never been easy. This could last for months!

5. This plug glows till it has been pulled off. It reminds you to conserve electricity and avoid overcharging/overusing.

6. These Bunk beds with built-in shelves are the ultimate space-saving design additions. Your kids could become neighborhood celebrities after this.

7. Using your piano as a desk or shape it like one. Not one of the best ones here though.

8. This coffee table hammock will make your cat king of the under-table.

9. This glass doorknob can be used to take a peek into the next room. Parents would love this!

10. Naughty children trying to take a bit will be punished with this amazing pencil case.

Awesome, isn’t it?

11. This swing can allow parents and children to enjoy together. Now parents don’t have to swing it all the time.

12. The most satisfying pose for enjoying your TV time. It doesn’t get any better than this.