This Clever Water Wheel Pump Uses Energy From Flowing River To Pump Water

Water Wheel pump

More than half the population of the world will face problems accessing clean drinking water in the coming years. As expected, most of this population belongs to the poverty-stricken areas of India and Africa. These areas have many things in common like lack of filtration units, frequent floods and droughts as well as overall weak development index. Another problem that is unlikely to be resolved shortly is a reliable electricity supply to the masses.
Water Wheel Pump-2
Water Wheel Pump
The problem is so big that engineers have to make projects that run without power in most cases. This water-wheel operated pump is one of the innovative designs that we have come across that will help the stricken areas by providing a much-needed supply of water. Here it is:

So, can you devise a simple zero-energy device for a social problem resolution? Share your designs in the comments!


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