Mood Sweaters Change Colour Depending On Your Mood


GER-Galvanic-Extimacy-Responder-We have seen a number of gadgets that do a lot of amazing things but have you ever seen one that shows your mood visually? Although this might get you into trouble rather helping you out – imagine the gadget going ‘pissed off’ every time your boss comes around – it still is quite an amazing invention. Now the important question is what this gadget is and who came up with the idea. The company based in San Francisco and is known as Sensoree. They have come up with Mood Sweaters that are capable of displaying the moods of its wearer.

However, you are required to put up a sensor on your hand for this Mood Sweater to work. The sensor can be worn on your hand and transmits information about your mood/emotions to the collar which glows by employing LED lights that are present in it. The collar displays a number of colors which are associated with the respective mood. The collar is white when not in use.

GERThe color scheme is as follows; tranquil mood results in green color, blue is for a calm mood or when you’re relaxed, purple takes over if you’re excited, aroused or ruffled, red lights up when you’re nervous or in love while yellow is activated for nirvana, blissful and ecstatic. The information about the wearer’s mood is gathered from his/her sweat glands, quite similar to how the lie detectors work.

Kristin Neidlinger is the lead designer and founder of Sensoree and said the following about her product ‘the sweaters are intuitive, responsive and illuminate the senses.’

In case you’re wondering the exact type of technology that has been employed; it’s the Galvanic Skin Response (GSR) system. This particular system makes use of the moisture level on the skin and using this information, analyzes the level of excitement. It is employed in e-meter devices such as the Hubbard Electrometer and is also in use by the Scientologists during their religious ceremonies.

GER - RedSensoree, however, have no plans of taking this any further. They are only aiming for external intimacy – extimacy and Kristine said; ‘I believe technology can make us more aware. With responsive clothing, you can animate your body and heighten communication with yourself.’ Sensoree calls their gadget the GER; Galvanic Extimacy Responder.

The delivery starts in March and only 100 units are available. So, are you ready to display how you feel?

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