The Motion Pro II CXC Simulator Is Any Racing Gamer’s Ultimate Dream

Motion Pro II from CXC Simulations

Are you a racing simulation fan? Do you enjoy playing racing games? If the answer is yes, then the Motion Pro II from CXC Simulations is just for you!Motion Pro II from CXC Simulations5

It has been built on top of iRacing’s platform and has pedals, steering wheel, seat and 3 55-inch HD screens in order to let the user completely divulge into the simulation and enjoy it. Now that the user’s visuals have been taken care of, let’s see how audio has been incorporated into this setup. It features a built-in surround system that will be responsible for providing audio. A motion system is also present, which is responsible for the simulation of the G force that the user will experience when turning a corner or accelerating hard.Motion Pro II from CXC Simulations4

The starting price will hit you in the gut; it’s $54,000! If you opt for more options, the price may very well increase up to $80,000. The extra options include a better dashboard, shift-gear system or a 180-degree field of view screen setup.Motion Pro II from CXC Simulations2 Motion Pro II from CXC Simulations3

With the racing simulator, you will have access to more than 1,000 simulated cars including F1, NASCAR, IndyCar and WRC. A large variety of tracks is also included in the simulator. According to CXC simulation, the product has been targeted at wealthy amateurs and for professional drivers. In the company’s words it is ‘the only professional-level simulator for practical home use.’ Watch the video below and tell us if you are as thrilled as we are!

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