Your Luggage Can Motor At 12 mph In This Briefcase Electric Scooter

Briefcase Electric Scooter – Commute in Style3

We have seen the luggage that folds out to transform into a scooter. The latest, however, is the Briefcase Electric Scooter that comes from Coolpeds. This scooter features a motor that makes it easier to commute when needed.Briefcase Electric Scooter – Commute in Style4

The gadget has been designed to be a working suitcase that should be used for carrying your clothes. However, as needed, it can conveniently fold out into a motorized scooter that can attain speeds of 12 mph while being able to travel 6.2 miles on a single charge.Briefcase Electric Scooter – Commute in Style2

It features a noiseless and brushless motor that has been embedded into the rear wheel and is not visible. Lithium ion batteries are used for power. These batteries are also not visible and can be charged for almost 20 US cents with the compact charger. The Briefcase Electric Scooter measures at the standard carry-on case that is acceptable for most airlines. The scooter weighs 7.9 kg.Briefcase Electric Scooter – Commute in Style

As of now, Coolpeds is awaiting patent confirmation on their design of the Briefcase Electric Scooter that has been priced at $599 for the standard version while a solar powered version has been priced at $699. According to the company, this gadget is perfect for kids who are traveling to school or for those who are looking to commute to work. Besides, it is the perfect gadget to accompany you on holidays.

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