Sense Is A Smart Glowing Ball That Monitors And Tracks Your Sleep

Sense by Hello

Sense is a smart orb that has moved to launch after being one of the most successful Kickstarter campaigns. It managed to raise $2.4 million and has been priced at $129. The orb has been embedded with sensors that are capable of monitoring everything ranging from noise to air quality and convey to users how well they have slept or how to improve the quality of their sleep.Sense by Hello2

James Proud, 23 years old and the person behind this project, said, “Our mission at Hello is to help people to live better, by understanding themselves and the world around them. By starting with sleep, what we’ve produced with Sense is something that will help to improve the foundation of every day. In less than a year, from conception, Kickstarter campaign, to release, our team at Hello has worked tirelessly to produce a simple and unobtrusive system. With Sense, all you should have to do, is go to sleep.”Sense by Hello3

The gadget logs temperature, light, sound, air quality and humidity. It scores a user for every night’s sleep. Over time, the gadget is capable of learning how a user sleeps and gives them valuable tips. It is simply a smart and elegant system that requires no input from the user and tracks the user’s sleep while monitoring the environment of the bedroom and reinventing the alarm. It keeps on learning about you and your sleep habits and gathers important data from your bedroom. With each sleep cycle, it finds ways on how to improve your sleep.

The free app for iOS and Android has also been launched which will allow you to view your sleep data in a clear format every morning. When you switch off lights to go to bed, Sense performs a scan of your room to see if the parameters are good for your sleep. It will glow green if all is good, yellow if something is a bit off and shall turn orange if something needs to be adjusted. The smart alarm of Sense will wake the user up when they are in the lightest phase of the natural sleep cycle – up to 30 minutes before the requested wake up time set by you.Sense by Hello4

“The Sense Smart Alarm knows where you are in your sleep cycle and will wake you up at the right time for you,” the firm says.  “Sense won’t let you wake up later than you requested. It will simply rouse you when you are sleeping lightly which may be prior to your requested time and you will feel better as a result. ”

The firm didn’t add a snooze alarm and explained, “Hitting snooze allows your brain to restart its sleep cycle. When the alarm goes off again, you are more likely to be sleeping even deeper than your first alarm. The extra eight minutes of sleep will actually make you feel worse, not better.”

The firm was founded by Proud back in 2012 after he moved to San Francisco from London. He was also accepted to the inaugural Peter Thiel Fellowship in 2011.

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