Samsung Unveils The Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge – Here Is Everything You Need To Know

Samsung Unveils Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge5

Following quite a few months of teasers and leaks, Samsung has finally unveiled its next generation of Galaxy phones. The two smartphones that have been unveiled are Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge. The Korean firm has shed the plastic casing for both models and also imparted the curved screen to the Galaxy S6 Edge. Both models sport 5.1 inch displays and come with world’s highest numbers of pixels-per-inch (PPI). They also sport dual-standard wireless charging technology that has been incorporated into the handsets.Samsung Unveils Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge

Samsung also stated at the launch event that was held at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona that the amount of bloatware has been reduced on both phones by 40%. David Kang the Vice President of Online at Samsung Mobile said, “We’ve created not only what’s next for the industry but set a new standard for smartphones. We believe consumers and business alike will be impressed by the design but equally they’ll be taken by the power and performance. What we’ve accomplished is an elegant balance between design and technology.”Samsung Unveils Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge2

The S6 Edge can have the notifications appear on either the left or right hand side depending upon which hand the user makes use of. The user can program 5 contacts to appear on the edge with each contact having a unique color. The edge glows when there is a phone call or text/email. If these notifications are from any of the five contacts, then the relevant light will glow.Samsung Unveils Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge6 Samsung Unveils Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge4

These phones will be available from 10th April and both will sport a 16MP primary camera while having a 5MP secondary camera. The lenses have been enhanced to work better in lowlight and the firm has also cut down the time it takes to launch the camera application. According to Samsung, these phones are 88% faster when compared with S5 and are 1.5 times louder since the speaker has been moved to the bottom instead of the rear of the phone.Samsung Unveils Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge3

Samsung is focusing on fewer number of smartphones and increasing the quality of these few smartphones. In comparison, it launched 56 handsets in 2014 whereas Apple launched only 4. We look forward to reviewing these amazing smartphones that Samsung has released. For now, check out this video for more:


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