The Sesame Smart Lock Uses A Secret Knock To Unlock Doors

Sesame Smart Lock by Candy House – Secret Knock to Unlock Doors

With the advancement in technology we have seen a number of amazing concepts and gadgets roll out into the market. The present era can be named as ‘Smart Era’ where everything is becoming smart and locks are not an exception to this either. While there are a lot of options for smart locks, this amazing new smart lock is way better than all of them. Meet the Sesame smart lock, which is capable of opening when the user selects a secret knock.Sesame Smart Lock by Candy House – Secret Knock to Unlock Doors6

The startup that came up with Sesame is known as Candy House and is currently running a Kickstarter campaign to fund the Sesame lock. If the campaign is successful, the lock will be sold for a price of $99 and shall become one of the most affordable smart locks in the market. The Sesame lock is also quite easy to install when compared with the existing locks. It is compatible with a large range of deadlocks while also claiming to be simpler when it comes to operation.Sesame Smart Lock by Candy House – Secret Knock to Unlock Doors5 Sesame Smart Lock by Candy House – Secret Knock to Unlock Doors4

The company claims that owing to its self-adjusting mechanism, Sesame is capable of installing on almost all deadlocks in Australia, US and Canada in a few seconds. The lock comes with a 3M Command tape strip that is responsible for holding it in place over the deadlock. There is no need for any sort of installation kit or to look for tools.Sesame Smart Lock by Candy House – Secret Knock to Unlock Doors3

The gadget has a Bluetooth 4.0 chip to communicate with Sesame iOS and Android smartphone app thus enabling the user to unlock or lock the door through the large button that pops up on screen. However, the lock also features an accelerometer that can be configured so that it is able to distinguish and register secret knocks per user’s description. This proves to be quite an alternative when compared with having to pull out keys or smartphone from your pocket in other cases.Sesame Smart Lock by Candy House – Secret Knock to Unlock Doors2

The device also sports another module – Wi-Fi. It can be plugged close to the door into a wall outlet allowing Sesame to connect with the home network. This allows the user to be able to check if the door is locked when not at home and can even have notifications sent to the smartphone upon closing or opening of door while also determining which of the users are going or coming back.

A pledge of $89 will warrant you one of the Sesame smart locks. The campaign has already raised more than $90,000 out of the $100,000 goal. Candy House will start shipping if all goes well by May 2015.

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