Tesla Cybertruck’s Massive Wiper Might Be Multiple Blades Combined, Report Says

As the Tesla Cybertruck inches closer to reality, intriguing details about its unconventional design continue to surface. Among the peculiarities that have caught the public eye, the massive, single windshield wiper arm stands out as a point of fascination. Recent close-up photos, particularly from a sighting in New York City, shed light on the mysterious wiper design, debunking some speculations and introducing new insights.

The Cybertruck’s colossal wiper arm has been a topic of speculation, with debates on whether Tesla would opt for a single blade. Contrary to conventional engineering norms, a closer look at the photos by The Verge reveals that the mega wiper arm is not a single blade but consists of at least two separate blades. Cleverly concealed with a union piece that mimics the appearance of a single blade, it is two blades joined together. The Verge even hints at an unconfirmed tip suggesting the possibility of three separate blades, with the tip of the wiper arm boasting “dangerously fast speeds” to navigate the expansive windshield of the Cybertruck.

This unconventional design choice aligns with Cybertruck’s overall objective of embracing the unusual. While opinions on its aesthetic appeal may vary, there’s no denying that the Cybertruck makes a bold statement, unlike most other vehicles. Acting as a real-life low-polygon count car, it sparks reactions of love, hate, or sheer fascination, solidifying its status as a captivating design object in the automotive world.

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