Domino’s Now Has A Flashy New Delivery Electric Bike With A Built-In Pizza Oven

Domino’s Pizza Enterprises Ltd has unveiled the dxb, an innovative electric delivery bike equipped with a built-in pizza oven, in a move that promises to redefine pizza delivery. With a mission to boldly go where no pizza company has gone before, this cutting-edge delivery vehicle aims to revolutionize how pizzas are transported, ensuring a hotter, smoother, and safer ride for the cherished pizza cargo.

Domino’s dxb delivery bike, built on a conventional-looking electric bike frame, takes a daring leap into innovation with its rear-end surprise – a fan-forced pizza oven expertly engineered to guarantee optimal delivery conditions. Sporting 20? street tires, a downtube-integrated battery, and a wide rear wheel stand for stable parking, the dxb is a unique blend of functionality and style.

While this isn’t Domino’s first foray into electric bikes for pizza deliveries, the dxb stands out as a cool and unconventional take on the concept. Addressing concerns about pizza integrity during transit, the company introduces what it calls “space-age suspension,” reducing g-forces by an incredible 67 percent. This ensures pizzas arrive at the customer’s door in the same pristine condition as when they were crafted in-store.

Beyond its advanced suspension, the dxb boasts attention-grabbing features, including rims with a blue luminescent coating and frame-mounted lights. These visually striking elements and a glowing pizza box make the dxb a statement on wheels. However, even with such exciting features, it’s hard to overlook the rim brakes – a minor detail in the grand scheme of this revolutionary delivery bike.

Despite generating serious bike envy, there’s a catch for eager American pizza enthusiasts. The dxb is exclusively rolling out in Domino’s Pizza Enterprises (DPE) markets, covering Australia, New Zealand, Belgium, France, The Netherlands, Japan, Germany, Luxembourg, Taiwan, Malaysia, Singapore, and Cambodia. With over 2,800 stores, DPE is a major player, but the United States, yet to modernize its broader transportation system, will continue relying on traditional methods for pizza deliveries.

This new dxb E-Bike is more than just a means of delivering pizzas; it’s a symbol of innovation and a testament to pushing the boundaries in the world of food delivery. As it hits the streets in DPE markets, it leaves pizza enthusiasts worldwide wondering when this revolution will arrive at their doorstep.

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