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She Transformed Her Parents House Into Something Cool Or Bizarre?

Halloween is in the past but somehow we are getting the best surprises still. You’ve all gone through a myriad of DIY ideas for Halloween and while they all are awesome we can assure you that this particular one was the awesomest of all! Meet user ChristineHMcConnell who decided to go all out on this Halloween and created the spookiest house in her neighborhood. The end results would make you think a professional team of professionals professionally renovated the house, but you are mistaken. Check out the project in detail below!

Christine took on a very ambitious DIY project – transforming her parents’ house into a Monster House!

She made use of foam-core boards as base for most of her decorations.

She used boards for cutting out the eyes and teeth for her giant DIY monster.

A total of 8 different sized eyes were utilized.

She was accurate with her artistic when it came to imparting a terrifying appearance to these eyes.

She ensured that the floor was covered completely in order to prevent paint spillage anywhere.

The minute details of the eyes and teeth were taken care of using tiny paintbrushes.

The yard was decorated with cobwebs and pumpkins and she mounted the painted foam cut-outs on the exterior of the house.

The results? An Amazing Monster House!

A job well done!