Here’s How You Can Built Your Own Cooler That Follows You Around

follow me cooler

What’s better in this sweltering heat than having a personal DIY cooler that can follow you around and quench your thirst with an ice cold drink! Hacker House is at it again, and this time they have created a super cool ice box on wheels that uses just a few warehouse parts and a little TLC to build!

The project is brought to us by Hacker House in this video, where the engineers manage to a make smart DIY cooler within 10 hours! The “Follow me Cooler” is an autonomous robot based on Arduino. The robot can navigate by using a phone’s location and a smartphone connected via Bluetooth. Add some off-the-shelf hardware, and you have got a fully rolling robot at your service.

Of course, you would need to be adept at skills like woodworking, soldering, Arduino programming, and some engineering shrewdness, so it’s not an easy DIY project. But with a bit of grit and help from these videos, the prospect of owning an autonomous cooler is too awesome to ignore!

Watch the two videos below to gain complete instructions on how to make this project. You can gain all the technical specifications and requirements from this website.


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