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Unlock The Full Potential Of Your Home With These Ingenious Hacks

A home is your holy place and it comes as no surprise when we find that people do their best to make it look like the best. However, not every home lives up to its fullest potential and that’s why we have compiled this list that will allow you to unlock the full potential of your home.

11. Here’s how you can cover up dings – Rub walnuts on scuffed furniture of wood.

10. Here’s how you can speed up slow drain!

9. Soften slamming doors by wrapping wide rubber bands around those doorknobs.

8. Talcum powder on squeaky hardwood floors can silence them.

7. Conveniently clean a skillet made of cast iron using coarse salt.

6. Clean a deck with ease and grace.

5. Remove stripped screws with the help of a rubber band.

4. Polish rough surfaces of the floor using a toothpaste.

3. Making the air pleasant

2. Plump up the pillow with this little technique.

1. Use this WD-40 spray to silence squeaky doors.