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Die-Hard Harry Potter Fan Uses Raspberry Pi To Create A Battle Chess Set

Remember the games of Wizarding Chess from the Harry Potter series? Well, an ultimate Harry Potter fan used his engineering skills to bring the Wizarding chess set to life!



Before you read further, he had no previous chess experience or even that of Robotics! Motivation (read fandom) will take you places, eh? The creator of the battle chess set explains his inspiration for the project:

“I’ve had this idea for nearly a year now that the version of chess in the Harry Potter series should be made a reality. The main issue was my lack of ability to play or understand the game of chess. I felt that the best way to program the rules and the game would be to learn the legal moves of each piece and to code them into the system straight away enabling me to program the coursework without having to waste the time learning all the rules of chess prior to programming the legal moves and the game.”

The Potterhead ended up using two 28BYJ-48 stepper motors and 4tronix PiStep board to design this incredible battle chess game. Check out the awesome video of the chess game developed by him below:



You can find more details of how the Wizarding Chess game was designed at Kent Raspberry Jams’ website.