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Here Are 20 DIY Tricks That You Can Use To Hide Ugly Things At Home

We all have certain items in home that are important but too hideous to stay in plain sight. These items could be cables of router or dog’s dishes. As far as aesthetics go, even the thermostats on walls don’t look that pleasing. Check out our DIY guide on how to hide such objects from plain sight. Let us know what you think of the list!

Dog’s water and food dishes can be hidden inside a cabinet.

Make use of a blackboard or picture to hide the air-conditioner.

Using leaves and birds’ clips for keeping cords and wires tidy.

Use a curtain to hide the cables.

Pin up a picture of Bob Marley and use the cables as hair.

Charging station inside a drawer.

Use sticky dots and tape for imparting a new look to your washing machine.

Make use of removable wallpaper for decorating freezer and fridge.

Tweak the bottom two steps of stairs to make them double up as drawers for small items and shoes.

You can hide the router inside amazing boxes.

Use a painting to hide the thermometer on the wall.

Keep TV out of sight via picture when it is not in use.

Fake stone around bath tub!

You can hide valuables with a fake painting.

Imitation picket fence around the skirting board can be used for hiding cables.

Electric towers can hold your cables.

Keep the cat litter tray out of sight by hiding it inside a cupboard.

Use a fake rock for hiding ugly pipes in the backyard.

Place the router in an old book cover.

Use space under the stairs as storage that gets pulled out.