You Won’t Believe What This Boring Dining Room Was Transformed Into

DIY dinning room12

The dining room is a place where real socialization should take place as fuller bellies tend to have more room for digesting social information. Unfortunately, most of our dining rooms are just plain rooms with a single oval table and hard backed chairs that provide little room for prolonged discussion and comfort. We have to opt towards the living room in order to escape the stiffness of the room.

This family was facing similar problems in the dining room, so they decided to mix things up a little. Once they were done with it, the room no longer gave a feeling of boredom, rather it gave vibes of awesomeness.

Before the commencement of the project. One can easily detect the countless boring breakfasts and dinners done on the table. The chairs are too plain and old fashioned.

DIY dinning room12

Yes, they threw them out of the room.

DIY dinning room11

Started with some wooden supports.

DIY dinning room10

They are the basis of a proposed wooden bench running around the table

DIY dinning room9

Now on the sides as well

DIY dinning room8

Once the supports are in place, it is time to start making the actual bench.

DIY dinning room7

A plywood base atop the supports.

DIY dinning room6

They added padding foam for comfort and covered the structure with a black cloth.

DIY dinning room5

More plywood to hide the supports beneath the benches.

DIY dinning room4

A coat of paint made it look all elegant and professional.

DIY dinning room3

They also made a whole new table. (I hope from the debris of the older one)

DIY dinning room2

Here is the fantastic finished look! Matching squashy cushions and color schemes made it easy-to-the-eye. Now, you can have post-dinner conversations right here while enjoying the after-meal coffee.

DIY dinning room

You can even lie down to relax if you feel so. Such an excellent dining room deserves to be used all day long!


  1. Beth Reply

    While I admire your craftsmanship, this design is horrible. I’d panic being seated as a captive of the aisle sitter. Or maybe that’s the point? To incarcerate smaller children for dinner? But they’re only that small for a few years. Whatever you want man, your children are your property after all. You impound them however you see fit.

  2. Dave Reply

    Looks okay but it wouldn’t be comfortable for very long. Thin foam on plywood and no place to lean back.

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