Say Hello To This Smart LED Bulb That Changes Colour According To Your Mood

LIFX Smart Bulb2

The spectacular LED bulb that was able to raise millions within six days after being launched on Kickstarter has finally launched and is ready for purchase. LIFX is a smartphone-controlled light bulb that comes with a 25-year long life span.LIFX Smart Bulb

The smart bulb will be Wi-Fi enabled and shall be available in a plethora of colors. Its installation is quite easy; simply replace it with your current light bulb and that’s it. You’d be able to control the bulb via your smartphone and can change its color as per your mood. The companion app can be downloaded without any charges whereas a single bulb sells for $99 and a pack of four is available for a price of $380. Users will have many options to choose from, such as, changing the color, setting a timer to turn the lights on in the morning or making the color change as per the playlist.LIFX Smart Bulb3

According to Kickstarter, ‘Your light switch needs to remain on for the smartbulb to be accessible with the LIFX app. However, you can use any light switch to turn your smartbulbs on and off like you do with traditional bulbs.’LIFX Smart Bulb5 LIFX Smart Bulb4

The prototype is capable of cranking out an illumination similar to a 60-watt incandescent bulb. The co-founder Phil Bosua, while talking about the awesome response that they received on Kickstarter, shares, ‘It was probably a combination of many things. If I had to pick one, I’d say,  through LIFX people discovered a new way to look at the light bulb. We wanted to create a light bulb that was fit for today’s connected world very different from a traditional light bulb that had not really been innovated in over 100 years.’

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