This Hamster Wheel Standing Desk Helps You Stay Fit At Work

Hamster Wheel Standing Desk – Stay Fit and Work3

If you are one of those who spend quite a lot of time at their desk working on their laptops, then you are facing the same problem as many of us do: lack of physical activity. The solution comes by an artist Robb Godshaw who has published instructions for building a Hamster Wheel Standing Desk that he created.Hamster Wheel Standing Desk – Stay Fit and Work

Godshaw’s design employs the use of a wheel that has a diameter of 80 inches and is supported by a 24-inches wide base. The wheel has been placed on four skateboard wheels and imparts the seamless flow with which the wheel moves as the user walks or runs inside it. According to Godshaw, “We already had a standing desk that fits through the wheel, so it was just a matter of avoiding interference and leaving enough room for a human.”Hamster Wheel Standing Desk – Stay Fit and Work2

The wheel has been constructed out of 4 sheets of ¾ inch plywood, 4 skateboard wheels, 240 wood screws, 2 pipes and a pint of glue. According to Godshaw, an Autodesk employee, “It was designed by making use of Autodesk, and the whole project took about 24 hours to complete.”Hamster Wheel Standing Desk – Stay Fit and Work4

Although, this invention may not be quite feasible, the fact that it tackles an issue related to ergonomics is laudable and we are witnessing a number of gadgets being built to address this particular issue.

Check out how this hamster wheel works!

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