New Police Texting Gun Ensures Drivers Don’t Use Smartphones

Sniffer Sleuth II4

Smartphones have become a crucial part of our lives, but won’t you all agree that we are becoming addicted to them? It is like everyone is so busy in getting back to that text message and tweeting about a certain incident that they all forget where they are and what’s going on around them. This negligence that may last for only a few seconds can prove to be fatal if you’re driving and using your smartphone at the same time. This is where today’s gadget comes in; say hello to the ‘Texting Gun’ a.k.a Sniffer Sleuth II that has been introduced by ComSonics, a company based in Virginia.Sniffer Sleuth II3

This texting gun is capable of differentiating between frequencies and can ascertain which frequency corresponds to a text message and thus, allows the police to fine people who are breaking the law (yes, it is a law in many places). It is illegal to use your smartphone while driving in UK whereas the law varies in US from state to state. You will find that most states allow making a phone call while driving, but do not tolerate texting. Those who are caught using a phone in UK can be fined up to $1,640 while also losing their license. Despite such strict laws and penalties, hands-free kits and satellite navigation systems are legal to use.Sniffer Sleuth II2

Hence you can realize the trouble that police may have been in when it comes to identifying who’s breaking the law and who isn’t. Considering this, ComSonics decided to design a gadget that could tackle the issue. Currently, Sniffer Sleuth II is in production phase with no information regarding release date or the price. The gadget is capable of determining different frequencies that pertain to text messages, calls and data transfer.Sniffer Sleuth II

The gadget still awaits legislative approval and there are some privacy concerns that need to be addressed.


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