Say Hello To The World’s Tablet For The Blind

Disabilities are not considered a hindrance anymore. Since quite a long time, there have been educational institutes, entertainment options as well as job opportunities for the blind. Thanks to Siri and Google assistants as well, the visually impaired never felt any difference in enjoying the same comfort as others do. But technology never stops caring. With machine learning and AI algorithms growing faster, researchers keep the struggle retained, enhancing user experience each day. The latest example is the invention of Tactile Pro and Tactile Edu Braille Tablets, specifically designed for the blind.

Whether it be browsing the internet, playing games, reading e-books or listening to your favorite music, all is possible with the braille technology incorporated within the tab. Designed by PCT, the first prototype was shared in 2008 with the public, but since then, a lot of new features have been added and a much better user interface has been presented at the Consumer Electronics Show, 2020. The tool has been created with the best algorithms, hence minimizing any chance of error. The two models only differ with respect to the application the user intends to use it for.

Worry not! There are no delay times required for translations or conversions in this one. The response rate is nearly 0.3 seconds, all thanks to the multilevel tactile output. It is compatible with the Android Operating system and the same is used for presenting output in the form of voice, braille, or braille imagery. For the latter one, the table regenerates every image for a user interpretable low-resolution braille.

There are no language barriers as well. The gadget translates most of the languages into braille and if your native one is missing, do provide the owners with your feedback! On the other side, if the user wishes to type something or send an input command, we’ve thought of the solution as well. One can easily type in braille and then select the language of choice to get it translated.

I am sure this has left you amazed. We are living in an era of technology and artificial intelligence. With each new sunset, there are hundreds of discoveries and inventions happening around the globe. Each one assisting human life in a unique and innovative way. The only worry here is the reliance of man on gadgets today. Sooner or later, we’ll be seeing robots and automated tools taking over the services industry. Not only this, but data gathered each second, is making scientists aware of all grounds where there is even a little of improvement required, and then boom! A new tech-loaded treat takes on the limelight!

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