This Reverse Microwave Gadget Chills Your Drinks In Minutes

Need a quick chilling solution for your carbonated can? Or want to contribute in reducing the excessive chlorofluorocarbons in the atmosphere. Within the next couple of minutes, you’ll get to know about a gadget that can instantly cool your drinks and help quench the thirst of your guests. Juno, a reverse microwave, has been the center of attention at the CES 2020. No need of spending minutes waiting for your drink to get chilled in the freezer, as this product has made the process much simpler!

Juno – A reverse microwave

Presented by a Californian start-up company, attendees couldn’t take their eyes off this wonderful gadget at the show. Presently, it is only available for a pre-order at a unit price of A$290, advising you to add it to your carts as after the early bird discounts, the price might get doubled.

Furthermore, you can even turn your hot coffee into a cup of chilled latte and enjoy it as per the temperature outside. Quoting Pete Pachal, a writer at Forbes, Juno is ‘the holy grail of consumer refrigeration’.

Considering the design perspective, there is an insulated bar in which the drinks are placed to lower the temperature. The area is spacious enough to accommodate variant sizes. Similar to a regular microwave, an LED is placed on the top surface that notifies you whenever your drink is ready and three buttons for the selection of the required cooling levels. The science is simple! The container is made to spin rapidly, thus reducing the temperature by thermoelectric technology. The absence of harmful chemicals or gas makes it free from polluting the air around.

An instant freezer for all your drinks

Boasting off the quality, Akram Boukai, CEO of Matrix (the product’s developers), quotes: “Juno is the ultimate consumer demonstration of how our cooling technology can radically alter the way we manipulate temperatures.”

A decade ago, one could not even have the slightest idea that such instant ways of altering temperatures, shall be proposed. Man owes a lot to science for easing up their lives with each strike of the clock. Juno even ensures that your carbonated drink doesn’t spill off to your face when removing the cap. It’s interesting to see that how gadgets are designed after thorough research on making their benefits outnumber the consequences. Furthermore, it’s fascinating to see innovations crowding the market each day, with every successor reducing the value of the previous one. Man today, has so many choices within the reach to get his tasks done.

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