New Mosquito Detection System Zaps Them With A Laser

Annoyed from the buzzing sound? Or you’re tired running all over your house, catching a flying disaster! Maybe, you would prefer waiting for this creature to land on to your skin and pass over the disease. It is considered a threat to human health, by the World Health Organization. Apart from the infectious part, the irritation they gift us, makes them our worst enemy. All this has always led man to stay in the quest of searching efficient ways to stay away from mosquitoes. Whether it be repellants, net, electric rackets, coils or advanced techniques, the real effort lies in targeting the fellow on its exact location.

Mosquitoes – man’s enemy since the advent of life

Here too, Artificial Intelligence steps in, proving a blessing for mankind. Bzigo, a savior for all those who hate the very existence of mosquitoes, has introduced a sensing system to detect the presence of mosquitoes in your house. Incorporated within is a laser detection system that senses the buzz of this peace hunter. Designed by an Israeli start-up, the gadget has a tracking system that locates the path followed by the mosquito. With its screen, it keeps a track of mosquitoes flying nearby.

Bzigo – a mosquito detecting device

Just like a repellant device, resting peacefully on your socket beside, this device can also be placed anywhere in your room or can be installed on the wall. An infrared camera stays on its toes to monitor any presence of the creature around. Owing to the optical features, it differentiates between the bugs and other particles. The laser beam, which is human safe, follows the bugs and it’s really hard for the intelligent creature to dodge Bzigo. It’s like a cat and mouse race all the time. Once, the enemy has been targeted, a box is drawn around, so a satisfying attack can be made. Worry not, the range of opponent detection is up to 800 centimeters. And the degrees of curvature it covers are 120 to 180, hence floors and ceilings cannot be used as a hiding place anymore.

A laser beam follows the flight

The secret recipe is the gadget’s ability to track the pattern of flight. The beam keeps on moving within the room until it detects a mosquito, soon after which it notifies the user. In fact, the beam can detect multiple bugs at a time. Even if, the enemy is resting somewhere, the presence gets notified. In a nutshell, it brings a tough time for all these creatures around.

The device has been the new talk in town. The company is open to feedback and reviews, as the quality is still being worked on. A successor to this one shall also be launched sooner. The idea of which revolves around a drone that can also help in attacking the target rather than just detecting its presence. The initial cost of the product is $171 and the date of release is sometime in 2021. Once, the day arrives, it would definitely liberate us from the tiny enemy!

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