Diple Turns Your Mobile Into A Powerful Microscope

The unbelievable far-sightedness of man has led him to ground-breaking inventions. Each day, new technology hits the market, and when it comes to the mobile phone industry, the list never ends. Within years, high-definition quality has taken photography to a whole new level. But, the same lens can now be used for some other purposes as well.

If you’re a science student, or your work revolves around dissections, then you’ll be able to experiment with almost anything, day-in, and day-out. No need to carry your tool kits everywhere with you. A new technology ‘Diple’ enables your smartphone to work like a microscope, simply with the addition of a chip. The object gives a 1000 times magnified image and helps you dive deep into the microscopic world.

The revolutionary microscope can be used for almost anything. In the promotional video shared, the product was used with a slide of red blood cells. In another demo, a man put the slide into the exhaust coming out of the pipe. Upon inspecting the slide via his mobile phone turned into a microscope, he observed the existence of particulate matter.

Crediting SmartMicroOptics, and the Italian Institute of Technology for the smartphone microscope as it has eased experimentation of micro-organisms. The company managed crowdfunding over $67,000 from 666 backers that is much more than what they actually expected to gather. This shows the product has already taken over the market.

Adding to your information, this isn’t the first of its kind product. Back in 2016, the same company launched a product named Blips that was cheaper to buy and served like a macro lens fitting the back of your camera. Inspired by the research, a team from Macquarie University, Sydney, in 2018, conducted thorough studies and came up with clips that could turn any smartphone into a microscope. The lens was capable of magnifying up to 1/200th of a millimeter. Above all, the product was designed using 3d printing only. The designs are open for all as the lab has provided open access for the public.

This one is one of those hundreds of researches that have been successful in finding a way to get funded and prototyped. There are still many studies that have been confined to thesis journals or research papers only. Students, worldwide are carrying fantastic studies on innovative products and the government in all states should back up such young minds and help them add to the technology of the world.

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