Nokia 3310 Relaunch: These Are All The Big Changes Being Made To This Iconic Phone

nokia 3310

The iconic and legendary Nokia 3310 is coming back, and it has already put the rumor mills into overdrive! A Chinese site Vtech claims that they have extracted a few more details about the Nokia’s classic, saying that the handset will come out with a colored display and feature phone capabilities.

The classic 3310 was released in the year 2000, and it became an instant hit with the people, who used to hold ugly and massive GSM phones with huge antennas. The phone became something of an internet sensation as it became famous for being indestructible, even urging experiments like Nokia 3310 vs. Hydraulic press being termed as the battle of the century (by yours truly, of course).

The new version will com with its iconic look with a slightly updated design, which will be lighter and thinner, according to Vtech.

They further add,

“Its buttons will have more or less the same layout as the original, but may also sport a more modern look, with the key size “adjusted.” The new 3310 will also come in a few different colors, including red, yellow and green.”

The phone won’t be as basic as the original one, meaning that it will have limited web browsing and other data-enabled capabilities. However, it will not be a full-fledged smartphone, which is expected given its size and reported price tag of $63.

Its display will also be larger and have a color screen, meaning that the addictive snake xenzia game will become doper than ever! The fans will have to wait a little longer, though for official details, which are expected to be announced by Nokia at an HMD event at Mobile World Congress on Feb. 26, this year.

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  1. Wayne Reply

    Hopefully the new features and thinness (meaning smaller battery) won’t impact too much on the battery life, one of the biggest advantages of original 3310.

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