Raybaby Monitor Will Track And Report Your Infant’s Every Move

As if the mind-numbing screaming by your baby wasn’t enough; here comes a device that will beep the hell out of your phone while tracking his/her every move. The Raybaby is the first-ever “non-contact sleep and breathing tracker,” which claims to monitor and measure a child’s vitals, breathing rates and sleeping habits to keep you updated about your child’s every twitch via its companion application.

While this is not the first baby monitor, it claims to be the first to provide detailed information without a battery-operated sensor attached directly to the baby’s body. The sensor uses ultrasound technology to detect your child’s movements and promises to track your child’s breathing with a 98 percent accuracy rate.

Pic Credits: TechCrunch

The main selling point used by the creators is how it will cater for the unsubstantiated fear of parents that their child may experience problems in breathing as it provides 24/7 updates by continuous monitoring of the infant. It also features other notifications that range from somewhat useful to downright obsessive. The device will tell you whether your bundle of joy has a fever, or even when he/she gets awake. Mind my cynicism, but while the fever notification seems useful; nature’s alarm of the child screaming is probably enough to let the entire house (and a couple more on the block) know that the baby is awake!

Not crazy enough? How about the fact that the device will also continuously take pictures and videos of your child in their crib, which will then be combined into a collage. The device provides just TMI about your baby, having a detailed log of your baby’s vital signs, sleep patterns, and even sending you a notification when he rolls over to another side!

Pic Credits: TechCrunch

The Raybaby has been launched on Kickstarter. Currently, it is priced at $149  and will be ready for shipment in September. The device has been created by graduates of hardware accelerator HAX in collaboration with Johnson & Johnson. While it promises to bring “sanity into parent’s lives,” we think if you follow these recommended precautions to keep your baby safe at night; you don’t need a fancy and highly intrusive gizmo, notifying you about your child continuously thus, turning you into a worry freak.

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