New James Bond Type Gadget Allows You To Breathe Underwater Like Fish

Triton – Breathe Underwater

Triton – Breathe Underwater 5Why is James Bond so cool? Sure he has that class but you can’t deny that his gadgets do add a lot to his persona. One particular gadget is the ‘Rebreather’ which enabled Mr. Bond to breathe underwater and has helped Bond in many life threatening situations. While many are fine with just fantasizing about such gadgets, there is one particular South Korean designer who decided to build one and has finally come up with a concept gadget which will enable you to breathe underwater like fish.

Triton – Breathe Underwater 4This invention by Jeabyun Yeon is known as Triton and has been designed to carry out extraction of oxygen from water so that the user is able to breathe underwater just like fish. The inventor is hopeful that this gadget will help change how many people approach water.

Triton – Breathe Underwater 3So, let’s talk about how this whole system works! The idea is for the swimmers or the wanna-be-Bond to bite down on the mouth piece made of plastic. There are two arms which reach towards the sides of the scuba mask and are able to work just like gills of a fish; delivering oxygen from water. The texture of these arms is scaly and it covers tiny holes from where water is sucked in into the arm.Here, chambers are used to separate oxygen from water and provided to the user while allowing for the water to move on, hence enabling the user to breathe underwater. Next comes the process of compressing; a micro compressor, which is powerful enough is employed to compress oxygen and enable storage in tanks.

Triton – Breathe Underwater 2The gadget will be provided power via a micro battery which is considerably small when compared to a common battery (30 times smaller in fact) and can charge at a much fast rate (1,000 times faster).  However, like we said in the start of the article, this all is in concept phase and therefore, you might have to wait for some time before you can go out playing Bond!


  1. alan regala Reply

    If you can extract oxygen from water, I would think that it would be in a much bigger machine.

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