This Football Generates Electricity To Charge Phones When You Kick It

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During recent years, we have seen many technologies that use energy more efficiently to reduce mankind’s strain on the planet. Lately, there have been ideas to produce electricity from the most unlikeliest of sources due to rising energy costs. One such device is the Soccket football created by New York-based firm, Uncharted Play.

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The Soccket is a football which converts the kinetic energy from kicks into electrical energy and stores it so that it can be used at a later time. This energy can be used to power lights and small appliances via a USB port. The football uses the firms patented G-Kick Technology which uses a pendulum inside the ball that swings every time the ball is kicked, consequently running a generator connected to a rechargeable battery. According to the company, kicking the ball for half an hour will provide three hours of electricity, which can even be used to charge a smartphone via the USB port.

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The Soccket project was originally a Kickstarter campaign that achieved¬†$92,296 from an original goal of $75,000. The Soccket football costs $99 and is available on Uncharted Play’s website. The ball is made from foam and leather and never needs to be inflated. Th firm has tested the ball in poor communities in Mexico, Brazil, South Africa and says that it is ideal for areas with basic electrical networks. The company also claims that the ball is sturdy and can be kicked around without damaging the insides.

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The Soccket is a great gadget for those football enthusiasts who want to charge their phone on the go or anyone who has a tech geek inside.

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